Being Happy, Healthy And Successful

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Human beings have many reasons for living; some being general like being happy, healthy and successful or to the length of Victor Frankenstein’s. Frankenstein’s mission was of “infusing life into an inanimate body” and for two years he worked to accomplish his goal of creating what we know as “the creature” (Shelly 39). This creature had similar features to that of a grown human being, however it lacked the knowledge that one should have. As the novel continues, we as the reader, become well aware of the human like qualities and emotions that the creature lacks. Frankenstein was also aware of these flaws in his creature, but chose not to help the creature become more like a human and in return allowing him to live a normal life. Victor Frankenstein’s morals regressed throughout the development of the creature by not giving the creature emotional support or the education that he needed to live as a normal human. When Frankenstein turned the creature into a living being, he did not give him any knowledge of how to live in the world. In fact, a few moments after the creature took his first breath; Frankenstein fled the room in fear of his own creation. The creature may have appeared to be a grown adult because of his size however he had no education. His intellect and self-awareness was comparable to that of a newborn baby and in fact, I would consider him just that. Frankenstein gave him life just like a mother would to her own newborn baby. The difference however was in the
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