Being Healthy Or Living A Healthy Lifestyle

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Juicing for Health Corwin Hartman AHP 2150 Fortis College March 9, 2015 Introduction Being healthy or living a healthy lifestyle is something that only 35% of Americans strive to achieve during their lifetime. In this paper, juicing and the effects on the human body and what it can do, both good and bad will be explored. The history and popularity of juicing as well as its benefits will be discussed. History of Juicing There are a great number of juicing fads and celebrity diets popping up, but it is actually an age-old tradition of body cleansing. Juicing has also gained the reputation of being the magic pill (per-say) for feeling your best, promoting weight loss and anti-aging. It is known that certain nutrients and herbs can regulate blood glucose levels, stop cravings and balance energy level ( Some of the first documented evidence of humans juicing for health benefits are from the Dead Sea scrolls dated 150 B.C. through 70 A.D. Juicing was described in the scrolls as pounded mash of pomegranate and fig resulting in profound strength and subtle form. Many cultures have used plants and ground up herbs applied both internally and externally to promote healthy remedies and benefits all over the world. In parts of the country like Korea and Peru, juicing green juices became part of healing rituals ( Max Garson, a German scientist in the 1920’s developed a theory that combined raw juices and a vegetarian diet which
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