Being Homeless As A Kid At A Young Age

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At only nineteen years old I have been through a lot in life. So much to the point that most people soon realize why I give my all in everything that I thing that will forever stick with me is being homeless as a kid at a young age. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama I grew up with my mother and four siblings. I was next to the youngest out of five kids. My mother had a job at USA medical center where she had worked since she was 21 years old. My mother worked with the house keeping service as basically a janitor. My mother worked six days a week as much as she could to ensure we at least got to school. Even though mom worked so hard sometimes ends were just not met. Some nights she would go to bed hungry so that my siblings and I would have something to eat. Well one day mom came home from a long day’s work to a letter that stated that basically we had a nine days to get our stuff and leave because we were being evicted for not having the money to pay rent. We didn’t have anywhere to go, we couldn’t even afford to go anywhere. This was the first time I had ever seen my mother break down and just cry her eyes out. I didn’t realize at that moment what was going on. Four to five days had passed by with no luck at all. Then by the grace of god we got a phone call from an organization known as family promise. Family promise basically assists with families who are at risk of becoming homeless. They had called after someone had let them know our situation. So we arranged to stay…

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