Being Male or Female Locks Us Into Roles

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In most cultures, the term gender is associated with social roles and labor tasks and is usually determined by biological sex. To be male or female is a pre-constructed identity which locks people into roles and behaviors and penalizes deviation (*). If a person identifies themselves as a man, they are expected to perform the role as the strong, independent and hardworking man. If a person identifies themselves as a woman, they are expected to be beautiful, nurturing, passive and dependent on other people. These identities of male and female creates a strong divide between people and produces a hierarchal society. These ideas of masculinity ultimately portray dominance and power over women which further encourages hegemonic masculinity that is already present in contemporary social structures. This idea of masculinity is highly evident in social structures such as education, workplace, military and various forms of media. Through generating these notions of masculinity, it will continue to place women in subordination. A part of being masculine is possessing dominance through education. Men need to be educated in order to succeed and exert power over women and do so through the intellectual. Even throughout history, males had full access to education while women were prevented from being educated. For a man to be educated, he is then able to obtain good paying jobs to support his family. The wealthier a man is, the more strength, power and dominance he conveys. Although

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