Being Mindful

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Being Mindful “Mindfulness described as being in the present moment” (Wood, 2010). The present moment holds a potentially infinite number of things going on both inside the mind and outside the mind. A person is not completely lost in an activity, nor are they completely lost in thought, whether a person is eating a meal, or playing a musical instrument, they are aware of what they are doing. If a person gets all of the worries and regrets out of their mind, it is easier to focus on the things that are happening in the present. A person simply observes whatever is happening, without taking sides or forming attachments to any one single mindset. They are mindful when the mind is open to new thoughts, new ideas, new possibilities, and…show more content…
Mindfulness, which is an enhancement of attention too, and awareness of the present, can be linked to better moods, higher self-esteem, a greater life satisfaction, and optimism in all signs of positive psychological health (Rochester, 2010). "Mindfulness appears to heighten the joys one can experience in everyday events, as well as to be in better touch with what one really needs and feels, It helps people make better choices in a complex world," says Ryan, a professor of psychology and psychiatry. To be mindful a person has to put aside their worries about the future and regrets about the past. This can be really liberating since much of what upsets us has happened in other times than the present. I remember listening to my child, tell me about the week they ahead for them of school, but the whole time I was thinking about work that day and what I was going to have to accomplish tomorrow. As the week went on my child came to me and said,” Mommy do you remember I told you about our field trip that we have tomorrow, and you said we could go tonight and get my lunch for the fieldtrip?” Then I realized that she had told me all about it, on that day she was speaking to me; my mind that day had been filled with worries of what had happened at work and of what was, going to happen at work, not on the present moment, it made feel agitated that I had done this to my child. That I had not been very mindful to my child’s needs as I was more concerned with
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