Being More Knowledgeable on Genetically Modified Organisms Essay examples

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Do people who make a concerted effort to avoid GMOs in the supermarket really accomplish their objective of being GMO free? Margie Kelly, the communications manager at Healthy Child, Healthy World writes, "Market watchers estimate that upwards of 70 percent of processed foods in the local supermarket contain genetically modified ingredients"(Kelly). Even if an individual attempts to avoid GMOs it is conceivable they are consuming them blindly and inadvertently, so it is important to know some facts about them. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, affect everybody's lives in one way or another. The production, sale, and consumption of GMOs are three extensive areas in which GMOs have impacted and will continue to affect many…show more content…
GMOs have been in the marketplace for two decades and are just now coming into the media limelight, perhaps because chemical companies are expanding into new areas of genetically engineered crops. Maybe when genetic engineering was first discovered humanity was ahead of its time and just now it is getting its head above its feet, but only time will tell. A big factor in one's mind about whether or not GMOs should be more tightly regulated is the health factors. At GMO-Compass, an informational organization sponsored by the European Union, they published an article about increased nutrition in bananas reads, "Scientists at Queensland University of Technology (Australia) have applied for the limited release of genetically modified Cavendish bananas that possess more provitamin A, Vitamin E, and iron than conventional varieties"(GM). Something this revolutionary could be beneficial not only to people just looking to get more vitamins, but could also be applied in third world countries that struggle with malnutrition. If a product such as this was successful it could mean packing more nutrition in less food for countries where land and
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