Being Mortal By Atul Gawande

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Part One: In the documentary "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawande talks about the death of patients and how it 's a surprise to a large amount of the patients. He also explains the fear in the medical field, and as a doctor your suppose to help people and cure them, that you 're supposed to give them a better shot and if it later doesn 't go they way you expected,the doctors start to tell themselves what went wrong or what happen everything was going so well. Gawande talks about how he wants to learn more about how to communicate with patients and telling them that they have a certain weeks, days or months left. For example, He talks about one of his patients that he had, her name was Sarah and had stage 4 lung cancer was young and just had a…show more content…
She also states that Gawande has had situations where he is overstating and giving some false hope due to him not being able to tell his patients about their health. Part Two: In the documentary, he talks about that in the medical field their first fear is that they are supposed to be able to fix the problem but their anxiety is wanting to see competent of they can fix it. When there is something that does not work he would ask himself "did I miss something" he starts to think what went wrong. For example, he talked about one of his writings that he wrote called "letting Go" it was about Sarah monopoly who had lung stage four cancer, was one of the most difficult because she diagnosed during the ninth month during her pregnancy and was a strong and wanted to go through the therapy. Dr. Gawande new that stage four was not curable but he knew he could not be the downer but he kept his mind positive by saying maybe she is that one person who does survive. This is when he goes back to the husband and talks to him admits that he did give false hope, he lied because in his mind he would not have offered the surgery. He said " I knew It was a complete lie, I just was wanting something positive to say" he did not want to be the bad person. That was one of this situations where he confirm that
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