Being On The Brinks Of Happiness In Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Being on the Brinks of Happiness Hope, the one thing that everyone wants. The thing with hope is that every time you're given the slightest idea of it, it's taken away. It seems that every time it's taken away, it takes a piece of you with it. What happens when it finally takes everything from you, and it takes so much you go beyond the line of repair? You eventually go crazy, or you shut down, or you just give up all together. We all have a false belief in a outcome just so the time we are here we’re happy and content with ourselves and the way life is going until the end comes. The book “Of Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck, shows many ways “hope” can be deceiving. The dream affects us in different ways, it either breaks us down, or it keeps us going and sane. Dreams have the power to indefinitely change lives by giving hope whether it's for the better or worse. Curley's wife's life has been doomed ever since her teen years. She was stuck in the idea of going big and being in the lights just like any other teenage girl. The first way i saw this was when she said “I tell ya i could of went with the shows. Not jus’ one, neither” (78). She was showing that she had confidence in the fact of her ideal dream. The second way was when she stated “…show more content…
Sometimes it makes the best of us and takes us over. Or the dream is so powerful and the hope consumes you and you push forward. Maybe your dreams are so big it brings in others who have the same hope that you do and it makes them strive with you or for you. At the end of it, yes we break down and give up on some of our dreams but what if that one small dream changes you forever. Then you've completely missed out on any opportunity to be better and do better. So take the hope and follow any dream you come to, because you never know when you're on the brink of
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