Being One with the Land

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Being One with the Land Since Jacques Roumain was strongly involved in politics, there is no surprise that Masters of the Dew would contain some kind of political movement. While Roumain was of a higher class in Haiti, he always seemed to be interested in the lower class which is reflected in Masters of the Dew with the drought. In this book, Roumain shows just how important the environment is for the people of that community. It seems that all the people of Fonds Rouge have a strong relationship with the land and this drought seemed to hurt them internally as if it were a person. Land in this book is seen at a higher class because it provides so much for this community. The drought is looked at as an enemy and something that brings pure unhappiness, while the land is their friend or even closer and brings a lot of happiness and peace. In Masters of the Dew, Roumain emphasizes the importance of the land and the environment to show the strong bond between the land and the community and to show how this was the base for solving all of the community’s problems from the drought to the family feuds. Roumain shows how the drought is literally the worst thing that could have happened to the community. This in itself shows just how connected the community is with their land. In some ways, it can be taken as a relationship that a man has with a woman. In shows how a man dreams of being with the land as if it were a woman and wants to have total control over the
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