Being Out Of Place Research Paper

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Being out of place has always been the problem for me. I come from an immigrant background and with that I've seen a lot from both worlds and that has really made me who I am today. My parents migrated here from a young age to find work to keep their families well supported. From a young age I remember them telling me how they came here because in Mexico it was harder to get a job that pays well enough for someone to support their families or themselves. I went to Mexico with my sister for the first time when I was 16. I only got to meet my mom's parents because my dad’s mom lives with us. My dad’s father wasn't there for him and it really made him different, because he had to make his own parenting style. He didn't have much experience with a dad growing up, and I can feel it…show more content…
He would tell me how there was not lots of money and how him and his brother were one of the best in school and in sports. He wanted to go to college and finish his education but there was not enough money for him and his brother to go to college.
Going to Mexico was very impactful because I saw many people in poverty I would see people selling stuff on the streets to make enough to pay for what is needed. I have lived here my whole life and I have never seen stuff like this. It impacted me a lot because my parents have given me everything I ever needed in life and everything was good but then my uncle got deported to Mexico and we were forced to move because we were not making enough to keep our house. Through all this, money was always what was holding us back. Also, my parents were not able to take certain job offers because they did not have their papers. My dad had always told be he wants me to be everything that he wasn't. They have always been there to support me and i felt like i was giving up on them for a while. Since my parents have not been to college i have no one to ask
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