Being Out Of School-Personal Narrative

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“I remember a big, dark cloud coming across the sky in the middle of the day.” recalls Sean Syverson. Sean was about ten years old at the time and lived in Kendrick, ID. He lived out in the woods with his parents and two siblings which were both younger than him. “The people on the news are sure it will happen soon. Work and school have been cancelled for the last few days. It would be best if we stayed here until it happened.” I overhear my dad say to my mom. My mom responds,” Kendrick isn’t supposed to get it real bad but you're right, we shouldn’t go anywhere till it happens. Getting stuck at the grocery store in town isn’t something that appeals to me!” Due to the storm, we are out of school. This is the life! Being out of school…show more content…
I don’t sleep much. I wonder what will happen tomorrow and when it will stop. By the time morning comes I have only snoozed a few hours. I blast down stairs like it is Christmas morning. When I look out the window I see ash inches deep. It looks like a grey snow, but in May. I discover my dad sitting in his favored chair watching the news. I think to myself, “I survived through a natural disaster! Now I can tell my kids on May 18, 1980 Mt. St. Helens blew and I was there!” The news notifies me that they have uncovered fifty-seven bodies now and we won’t be able to leave our house for a couple of days. When we do leave the house, they said it would be smart if we wore masks. Ash stopped falling early afternoon yesterday. Outside, the ash is roughly three and a half inches thick. Everything is covered with ash. There isn’t much to comprehend. The news shows a before and after picture. I can’t believe my eyes! 1,300 feet of the mountain has disappeared and the eruption left a horseshoe shape on the top of the mountain. I am so glad we are not close to the mountain. Good thing Grandma Alice and Grandpa Bill left the mountain when they did. They departed last week to see Mt. St. Helens a week before for Grandma Alice’s birthday which is today. As soon as they heard the news they
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