Being Part Of The Lgbt Community

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Part 1: Using peer-reviewed references, describe some of the risk factors for suicide in gay, lesbian, and/or/or bisexual youth in the United States, and how these risk factors are different and the same across these three groups. Provide some data, with original sources, regarding frequency of suicidal ideation, frequency of suicidal attempts, and frequency of suicide completion in these groups. Being part of the LGBT community comes with profound challenges that affect the individuals mentally and psychologically. The Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) group are characterized by persons with a contrary view of the prevailing norm of sexuality that is practiced by the majority of the society who are heterosexual (Boswell, 1999). The primary concern is the mortality rates for the LGB individuals which are attributed suicide cases due to the external pressures that they are faced with. Suicide is an individual’s voluntary and intentional act of taking their life away when one feels hopeless and helpless (Rhoads, 1994). Most deaths that occur in the LGB groups are as a result of several individual, relationship, and societal factors that a person is exposed to. Research has indicated that three times the number of LGB youth commit suicide compared to their heterosexual peers (MA, Department of Education, 2006). Additionally, recent study by Grossman and D’Augelli (2007) gave evidence that 45% of the LGB youth contemplated suicide and 26% had attempted
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