Being Perfect In The Pretty Hurts Song Of Beyonce

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Being perfect is the main theme that most of the women strive for it. Everyone today watches and buys the movies, magazines, news, advertisements and we see celebrities with the “perfect” bodies. It is not our fault. Media sometimes it manipulates women through the technology by using Photoshop and makes women look with perfect body and mark these false creations as flawless and inspirational. For instance, making a female to look ideal is tricking the society into thinking that we must have to be like that. We live and exist and it doesn’t mean that we suck just because we are not perfect as others who pretend to be with perfect bodies. Our society wants us to look perfect and actually we are wasting our time of trying to reach that because it is something that we can’t do it and it is impossible. No one can be or are perfect.
Today most of the women are unhappy with their bodies and they try to look perfect, and this hurts. “Pretty Hurts.” They are many beautiful women with bad souls, and more important is to be the one you are and your inner beauty will shine everywhere. Beauty is not just an objective thing. Being a woman is the best thing in the
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In the beginning, we can see Beyonce preparing for the pageant backstage and looking herself in the mirror with her wet short hair, her face with makeup struggling with her body image. Based in this music video we can see the difference in Beyonce’s hair length from short too long at many times. That means that the long hair is a sign of femininity and also the other candidates none of them have short hair, which shows this stereotypical feature. According to this, she has to hide who she really is in order to be considered as beautiful and

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