Being Physically Active Regulates Eating Patterns

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With countless readings, assignments, papers, quizzes, and exams college students already have a lot on their “plate” and typically their own health is put at the bottom of the totem pole. Whether it be not eating enough food or indulging in too much food, either situation can be detrimental in someone’s life. Becoming physically active can help regulate eating patterns as well as help better overall health. The target behavior being altered in this study is increasing the amount of exercise that the subject takes part in. Exercise includes but is not limited to a brisk walk, jog, jump rope, swimming, weight lifting etc. The increase in working out is to be operationalized by the subject being physically active for at least 3 times a week for durations of 30 minutes or more each session. This study will analyze the behavior deficit of exercise, something which numerous college students fail to take part of. Many college students fail to remain physically active and when especially paired with poor eating habits can lead to a series of dangerous health risks such as increased weight gain, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia along with many others. Subjects are to maintain this new behavior for a length of 90 days; however I believe that after this time frame the subjects will notice many of the positive effects exercise has on the human body. With their realization of the benefits exercise has to offer is taken as a positive reinforcement, subjects would continue to incorporate
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