Being Poor Is Hazardous to One's Health

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Being poor is hazardous to one's health. As seen in class, the conditions that are found in poor neighborhoods cause the poor to die earlier and have much less healthy lives than their more wealthy counterparts in better neighborhoods and the suburbs. The poor who are mostly of color are segregated by income into these areas where poverty, toxic waste, pollution and crime make their lives miserable indeed.
It is expensive to be poor in America. With unemployment being persistently high, this is good news for those in the poverty business who make money off of the misery of the poor. The working poor have to contend with payday loans, rent to own schemes, sub-prime lenders, exorbitant credit cards and a diabolically clever ideas that entrepreneurs have though of to get rich off those with thin wallets. The poor are stuck because they do not have the means to go elsewhere (" Place matters,," 2008). The epidemiologist Ana Diez-Roux points out that conditions that affluent neighborhoods take for granted that promote better health include clean air, water and living space. When one looks at county maps showing poverty, education, asthma and diabetes rates in Richmond and they are are laid on top of one another, patterns emerge that show that these afflictions are usually due to the poor living on top of or next to a toxic waste dump. An example of this in Unnatural Causes is the Laotian Gardens that is next to a shut down car battery factory and toxic
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