Being Preoccupied With Their Own Needs

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Practitioners being preoccupied with their own needs Meanwhile, therapists, special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher and support assistant being preoccupied with their own worries would affect the quality of care. For instance, if they were all worried about their family life and not as concentrated on how they could help the children. This can cause many children being neglected. The education of the children would be disturbed and they will not be able to teach the children properly, which would take the children longer to learn and no help would be provided on what they would need to do at home to achieve. However, a deputy head teacher of a (primary) and (secondary) special needs school might be preoccupied with their own needs and might not be able to talk to a child who has been on report for 2 weeks, due to silly behaviour because they have family problems. This can affect the way a child would respond in the future because the child may perceive that the deputy head teacher is not concerned about the child misbehaving and in another occasion, this would take the child longer to behave or they must not behave. Therefore, if they are concerned and they talk about it to the parents of the child and along with the child, this issue could stop. This would stop with no neglect, rejection and punishment. However, this can cause low quality of care, as the child will continue to be naughty at school. Furthermore, a school receptionists being
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