Being Professionals Nurses And Being Educational Role As Mentors

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As being professionals nurses and being educational role as mentors we have a great responsibility to deal with students who are failing or we could say whose practise are giving a cause of concern. But for a very long time it was a subject which was not very much talked about or it was brushed under the carpet. It is quite understandable that it can be very distressing not only for the student but for the person who makes that decision or judgement. It came to lime light only after Cathering Duffy’s research was published in 2004 and we know it had a huge impact in the mentorship and that one of the reason that we are learning, talking about it and even looking at different ways of managing it. When the code published by nursing and midwife council provides standards of performance for nurses and midwifes, one of its key role is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of public. Even though this code of conduct seems relatively straight forward, it is very difficult in implementing those in practise. Sutcliff which is very significant vies shared by Hannah Sutcliff and ii agree with Sutcliff it on this matter because the patient and nurse relationship is very complex and it can be incredibly difficult to measure this However on the other hand we as mentor nurses , we are also are bound by the code of conduct mentoring our students which definitely involves continuously assessing them and giving them a plan of a direction to follow on their learning journey, so that they can

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