Being Reprimanded Or Punished?

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At that point in my life, I was already enrolled in school and I loved it. I had lots of friends and a younger brother and sister with whom I often played with. I was also that kid asking “Why?” and “What for?” after every statement or command. My parents often got upset but were really patient. They gave me the benefit of the doubt and took my questioning as a form of curiosity and not of disrespect or disagreement. I also improvised and invented games with my brother and cousins. Most often than not, these games made no sense at all for outsiders but they do recall how much fun we’d have. Hence, my sense of initiative was promoted as I was allowed to question and create situations for play without the fear of being reprimanded or punished for my actions. However, not everything was always positive as I did engage in actions that were faulty and yielded serious consequences. One particular incident when my sense of conscience was put to the test occurred when I was 4 years old. My younger sister had just turned one and I came up with the brilliant idea of taking her out of her bassinet and leaving her in the patio by herself. It was the perfect timing as my mother was in the kitchen and my father was not home. With the help of my brother, I accomplished my mission and had a blast doing it. All the happiness, however, came to an end when my mother heard my little sister’s cries and failed to find her where she had left her. After being interrogated for what…
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