Being Self-Employed vs. Working for Someone Else

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Being self-employed vs. working for someone else Self-employment and working for someone else has many of the same benefits and disadvantages. Although self-employment will allow a person to be his or her own boss and have endless financial possibilities, it also can be harder than working for someone else. Just because a person is able to work for their self, it does not mean that it will be any easier than working for someone else or even be more successful. Self-employment allows individuals to create his or her own schedule, allowing flexibility in the time that will be spent working. The flexible schedule of a self-employed individual is a good benefit. However in order to be successful at it, a lot of time has to…show more content…
While working for someone else, he or she is normally working under someone that they need to answer to and flexibility is very rare in the corporate world. A supervisor however, will take any time off needed as in vacation time, personal and sick time. Employees are entitled to the time off when working at a place of employment. Depending on the work field and if the individual is a full-time or part-time employee, the time off will be paid by the employer. The rate of pay at work place may not always be what the employee needs or is looking for. It could just be enough to make ends meet but it can also be exactly what the individual is looking for. Many companies require college degrees in order to make what the individual needs or should make with regards to their salary. Along with having a college degree, experience is absolutely necessary to earn top dollar. A degree does not necessarily mean that a person will be the most qualified to do the job but it does give the hiring employer that the employee they are considering has a sense of discipline, responsibility and knowledge that comes from a person with a college degree. Without the requirements, it will not be easy to obtain the type of salary the person wants. There are instances where even if the person meet’s the requirement’s needed to obtain a high or decent salary, some small companies are not able to pay these high salaries even if they

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