Being Sleep Deprived Is A Person That Is Constantly Tired

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The most obvious signs of someone being sleep deprived is a person that is constantly tired. However, being more drowsy and more prone to falling asleep during the day can put the person at a greater risk to have fatigue related accidents. Therefore, it would be a better and a more safe way to pay attention to the more subtle symptoms of fatigue rather than waiting for someone to start to nod back and forth between consciousness and the dream world. So instead it would prove effective to perform assessments to see if one is resembling sloth-like behavior. If an individual were to lounge around on the couch, how likely would it be for them to fall asleep? Or if their eyes are closed for a few seconds longer than a normal blink, does the individual get a little disoriented or dizzy and just want to keep their eyes closed? These are the types of things that should be paid more attention to so innocent lives aren’t put at risk due to the inability to stay awake and alert. Not sleeping can make you feel drowsy and down but at the same time, it can actually make you sick as well! In 2009 a study was done where they monitored the habits of 153 volunteers while sleeping and they were able to draw some interesting conclusions. “Researchers found that people who got less than seven hours of sleep were nearly three times as likely to develop a cold than those who got eight hours or more rest a night” (Swalin). They had hypothesized that the change of infections had increased because of

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