Being Small, Red Blazer Realty Finds it Hard to Compete

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Red Blazer Realty being a small company and relying on word of mouth for customers makes it hard to turn into a competitor with other realtor agencies. With the help of CRM technology it can grow the company, increasing sales and profits overtime while also establishing an ever growing customer base not just produced by word of mouth. Red Blazer Realty would want to examine the benefits of establishing CRM technology before diving head first into a technology they have never used before. Benefits that the company would see from using CRM are as follows:
Decrease cost of customer acquisition
Increase in sales and efficiencies
Accurate Data
Data Security
Decrease cost of acquisition, enables a company to target specific groups of people concentrating all of their marketing efforts onto that targeted populous. In essence Red Blaze realty would be able to target brokers, investors, and other real estate activists. This would also allow customers to, when looking at houses on Red Blazers website, input their personal information allowing for realtors from the company to contact them directly via email or phone. Taking word of mouth and out of the office leg work for realtors out of the equation not completely but limit it to a lower percentage of where the customer base is established from. Thus allowing the company to benefit a customer efficiently, for example, if a customer is looking for real estate in a specific location via the website, the technology is aware of their

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