Being The Baby Of The Family

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Being the baby of the family seems to automatically qualify me to be unaware of what the real world is all about and the responsibilities of being an adult. For years I take insults my older sister, Jessica who is now twenty-three, would tell me because what she said was nothing but the truth. Like Jessica, my father, Fernando, also nagged me about getting employed. Only my mother, Bertha, supported me in not getting a job and rather focus fully on academics. Anger began to accumulate within me until one day I simply could not support it anymore. Clearly to them I was a burden, which gave me that extra inner fire to call and make my first ever job interview happen. Even with a job, though, all the badgering would not seize.
Lets start from the beginning, where everything truly began. Years back Jessica began to rebel like any other teen, never ending well. Seeing my parents suffer because of her made me realize that I did not - would not - put them in that kind of situation. At a young age I began to act mature, responsible even, but it seemed like a funny joke to them. Only at nine years of age I began to clean the house, cook dinner, and still keep up with homework. Truthfully, I knew nothing about the adult problems, still did not make me naïve about what was to come in my later years.
“Vanessa, Jessica come sit down please. I want to tell you girls something,” my father yelled at us from the kitchen.
Jessica replied, “What do you want?”
Unpleased with the tone she…
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