Being The Back Bone And Mentor

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Being the back bone and mentor to my younger brother has been challenging, but yet a fulfilling experience. I unintentionally became a mother figure to him. Over the years, I have learned to accept this and I ask that God continue to guide me daily. It all started at the age of seven years old. My young mother was a single parent to myself and my twelve year old sister. My mother married my wonderful stepfather, in whom he was fourteen years her senior. Our family became blended due to my stepfather having sole custody of his two year old son, Jamaal. He is most commonly known as Jay. Jay was a beautiful brown baby boy with big brown eyes and curly locks. He never whined, or cried for anything. He was just a very sweet and humble child. His humbleness touched my heart in the biggest way. He never cried for his mother, but I could sense his emptiness and sadness that never seemed to go away. Jay’s mother had become a drug addict. She could no longer care for him. My instant adoration for him quickly shaped me into nurturing and supporting him. I was only five years older than Jay, but I became his caregiver. I became his surrogate mother. My mother and stepfather were parents to him, but they both worked full time jobs. My mother worked in the healthcare field at night and my stepfather drove eighteen wheeler trucks regionally. While my parents worked odd hours, it became quite natural for me to do absolutely everything for Jay. I bathed him, feed him and
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