Being The Chief Security Officer

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Being the chief security officer is a big responsibility. Have to take care of the following things.
• Information classification:
A chief security officer has to take care of this feature carefully. This is a major function of a security officer. The information of a client has to be always protected in terms of maintaining confidentiality. Any loss of client information leads to loss of privacy and also money when it comes to banks. In the field of health care HIPAA privacy rule has to be followed. This rule states that the patient’s information has to be disclosed to the people treating them that too only necessary amount of information has to be disclosed. To ensure that patient doesn’t feel uncomfortable about disclosing their information they have to aware about this rule. When it comes to banking. The user’s credentials must be available only to the user. The risk of losing money is very high.

• Risk Analysis:
The amount of risk in the field of health care and banking systems is enormous. In the health care industry the risks are very high compared to other organizations. The usage of new technologies such as smart medical devices, cloud services, and electronic protected health information offer a number of operational benefits but the risk of losing the data or data being manipulated is very high. As hackers can hack into the cloud storage and manipulate the data. There are few challenges which are as follows.
Have to prevent infected devices from spreading…
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