Being The New Kid Analysis

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It’s always hard to be the new kid, you never quite fit in anywhere. When I was a baby I lived in Mexico, then in 2004 I moved to California. I have lived in 5 houses and gone to 4 different schools, since I moved to California. Being the new kid is the worst feeling in the world. Nobody really wants to hang out with you, they just let you be alone and make you feel unwelcome. It’s not everyone, there are always some kids who accept you. Those kids have probably never felt welcome either, so they do their best to make you feel like you are wanted. In reality, nobody needs more than four or five friends. I never needed more than four or five friends. The kids who make me feel welcome are my five best friends. I moved to Lucerne Valley in July of 2014. Since I started school here, I just haven't found the right group of friends. Nobody ever really accepted me. I’ve been trying to fit in from day one. A group of girls picked on me all throughout 8th and 9th grade. In 8th grade I would hang out with a group of guys. In that group there were Elijah Lien, Nickolas Matlock, and Jake Kline. They were, and still are my only true friends. In 8th grade, this group of girls really hurt me. They would call me extremely disrespectful names and make me feel absolutely horrible about myself. It went on all…show more content…
Now it's not just the 3 guys I considered my best friends, it's a group of Amazing people. People who never seem to look unhappy. Tracy, Brody, Eli, Nick, and Jake. When I'm with them I am always smiling. Being around people with positive vibes, gives you positive vibes. They show me that I don't need to cry over a guy. They showed me that I'm too legit to quit. Brody and Tracy did not hang out with us in 8th grade because Brody went to a different school, and Tracy had different friends. But now we spend every breakfast and lunch together. We play basketball or volleyball at lunch. As long as we are together I will always stay
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