“Being The Richest Man In The Cemetery Doesn'T Matter To

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“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn 't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we 've done something wonderful, that 's what matters to me.” (Biography.com) Steven Paul Jobs, a renown man who impacted the world, we live in today. Steve Jobs, a Catalyst for Change has created Apple, a very successful company, with no engineering background. Jobs shaped the technological advances we enjoy today. With the breakthrough with technology, he has paved the way for many more advances. Steve Jobs used the brain God gave him to make technology easier. Jobs ' childhood was not like all children 's, he was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955. Jobs was born to two University of Wisconsin students. When he was born they…show more content…
Bony, gaunt and haggard is some of the things people say when describing him. Steve Jobs has a narrow face. During the 1950s when Jobs was born they had started the Korean war. The first Organ transplant took place. They had made the first “peanuts” cartoon strip. Senator Joseph McCarthy began a hunt. President Truman orders Hydrogen Bomb Jobs had Christian friends who shared the word with him, but he denied Christianity. He then began practicing Zen Buddhism, then he thought he might become an atheist instead. Jobs was a democrat and supported Barack Obama. The culture that Jobs grew up in was developing. It had started to change, in the 1990s technology became popular.In 1960 I have a dream speech was made and the beetles became a popular group. 1970 Star Wars was in theaters. In 1980 Michael Jackson 's Thriller video became a success. 1990 Oklahoma bombing and a high school shooting. In the 1950s it was referenced as the Golden Years. Disney opened, Color started appearing on Tv’s, the Vietnam war took place and President JF. Kennedy was assassinated.While still through the 1980s the Vietnam War was still going on, a Big earthquake occurred, the Jonestown massacre, Munich Olympics massacre, nuclear accident, Poison gas leak, and the End of cold war. Steve Jobs created Apple from scratch with a high school friend. They created it in Steve’s garage. After getting money from Apple he invests 50 million into

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