Being Too Brilliant Is Dangerous

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Sometimes being too brilliant is dangerous. Herman Mudgett lived a normal childhood, for the most part, but he also did things your average child wouldn’t do. He had an impressive college education, although it lead to him committing insurance fraud and the stealing of corpses. After moving to Chicago, he continued the fraud and began the homicides. He had many girlfriends and wives, women tended to fall for his charm, which lead to their death. Henry H. Holmes did terrible things, from tricking people to killing them, but the intelligence behind his actions is what kept him from getting caught for so many years. Herman Webster Mudgett was born on May 16, 1861 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. As a child, Herman was bullied, at one point being forced to touch a skeleton in a doctor 's office ( Herman was very intelligent from a young age. He began to dissect both living and dead animals. After graduating high school, Herman went to the University of Vermont to study medicine. He then transferred to the University of Michigan, because he was interested in their human dissection program. Holmes and his friend Benjamin Pitizel conducted a plan to collect insurance money from fake family members. Holmes stole bodies from his medical school. He was accused by the school of stealing bodies, but there was no solid evidence against the accusation ( When he finished medical school he went to New York to be a doctor’s apprentice. He was presented…
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