Being Transgender Identity Papers

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The discovery of my identity began in a health classroom, where I attempted to make a potentially life-changing decision: outing myself as transgender, or blending in with what society wished me to be. Hands trembling, I was the only student still standing up after the teacher’s explicit instructions- girls on the left side of the room, and boys on the right. Acutely aware of the quick beating of my heart, I froze up. While tears welled up in the corners of my eyes and my expression fell to a frown, the teacher simply stated, “Just sit down,” expressing what I perceived as apathy for my predicament. This was not a decision I was ready to make. However, save faking sick and running out of there screaming, I knew that it was impossible to…show more content…
Surely, my days are far more frequently filled with panic attacks over which restroom to occupy, or whether a form asking for my gender really means "gender identity" or "biological sex". People who were born as the gender they identify as don’t have to think twice before waltzing into the men’s room. Despite such obstacles, I would never claim that it has been entirely negative. Being transgender has encouraged me to question the entire foundation upon which my life was built. No longer did I fit into the box that my body had shoved me into and tied tightly shut- a period of self-discovery had begun. Issues that had never even crossed my mind were now at the forefront of my thoughts, forcing me to see the world in a different light. Always having felt uncomfortable with traditional femininity, I finally allowed myself to explore the masculine side of my personality. And I loved what I found- comfort. The reflective surface of my mirror finally displayed a person I truly recognized as myself.
Some days, being transgender is more of a challenge than others. There are mornings where I wake up and find it painful to look down at my small, curvy body, feel the rounded edges of my face, and acknowledge them all as mine. Sometimes, my own skin torments me and traps me inside like a prison. I often wonder how I will make it through days like that, but I always do. That gives me hope for the future. If there is one thing that being transgender has taught me, it’s that there will be always be someone or something to turn to, and I will always keep going despite the struggles I may
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