Being Wrong Summary

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Being Wrong
In the book Being Wrong by Karthryn Schultz, wrongness, or “err” as Schultz puts it, is explained and exposed as being a part of our everyday lives. There are many reasons for our wrongness which most people don’t recognize. These include trickery of the senses, Confabulation, or making thing up even if we don’t know we are, mistreating evidence, societal influence, prior beliefs, and the need to feel certain. These mistakes may seem detrimental to learning and understanding. However, being consciously aware of these mistakes can allow for major discovery, deeper understanding of the truth, and finally an overall method to advance human thought. I think that wrongness is vital to help us learn and change as long as we become
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When a confabulation is exposed friction is created and no progress is made. If we were able to say “I don’t know” and find a way to acknowledge our ignorance then our lives would improve immensely. According to Schultz our lives will improve in three ways, “1. Free means to rescue ourselves from our own ridiculousness 2. Help de-escalate the unwinnable battles 3. A new category for a common experience.” This would all be possible if we recognized this flaw and would allow for more truthful results.
A common confabulation occurs within memories, specifically “Flashbulb memories.” A flashbulb memory is a memory in which one is so sure and concrete about they deny any contradictions because they “remember it just like it was yesterday.” These memories are specific in the sense that they are out of the normal occurrences, disasters, attacks, tragedies etc..., and are often inaccurate. These memories and all memories are the reconstructing of events etc..., and since “We can’t feel the process... We can’t feel the places in that process where distortions and errors can creep in.” A great example of a flashbulb memory error lies with a man named Ulric Neisser. On December 7th, 1941, Ulric was listening to a radio when he discovered Pearl Harbor had been attacked. This made a huge impression on the Ulric leaving him with a memory of a radio announcer interrupting a
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