Being Youthful Essay

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Being Youthful, one now and again needs to confront difficulties; work, relations with boys/girls and family, Education, and attempting to discover one’s place in life, while making time for friends. This is not easy, and it does not get any easier when a young girl gets pregnant unintentionally or the fact that they want to.
In the snapper by Roddy Doyle, we meet the Rabbitte family consisting of the parents, Jimmy Sr., Veronica, and their six children. The family lives in a traditional Irish town of Barrytown and belongs to the working class since none of the members of the family has a high education. The main characters of the novel are Sharon and her dad Jimmy Sr. Sharon is a 20-year-old woman which still lives at home. She works at a supermarket but is still supported by her parents. She spends most of her time with her friends drinking and
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They will do anything to help, support and protect Sharon from the gossip and mocking going around in the city.
The genre of the book is a realistic novel since most of the things happening is something that could happen in the real world, and it deals with Sharon who got pregnant by a married man which brought a lot of trouble into her. The book is written with an Irish accent with use of a lot of curse words “ Ah, fuckin’ hell”.
It can sometimes be difficult to grow up. Some people never grow up, some people do not grow up before they are forced to, and some people marry responsible people so that they can stay childish and irresponsible like Jimmy Sr., and some grow up when they become parents themselves.

Growing up is a long and, sometimes, difficult way to pass. Some never grow up, some don’t accept the responsibility before they have to flee the nest, some marry responsible people so they can keep on being irresponsible like Jimmy Sr. or like in Sharon’s case some people become grownups when they become parents
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