Being a Cyberpunk: The Thin Line between Life and Cyberspace

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Being a cyberpunk the 'thin' line between life and cyberspace Cyberpunks are young men who prefer to spend most of their lives putting their abilities into practice while online. Even though the masses might be inclined to believe that they are little more than lifeless nerds in search of sensational stories, people fail to look at things from the perspective of a cyberpunk. This person is concentrated on being successful while trying to achieve particular goals on the internet and considers that he or she needs to be actively involved in such a process, especially taking into account that the benefits are both spiritual and material. One can ever go as far as to say that these individuals think complexly and that their forces need to be appreciated. Cyberpunks are basically society's rejects individuals who are unwilling to put across socially acceptable behavior and focus on employing a rather anarchic attitude, but this does not stop them from wanting to live just like everyone else (the only difference is that they have a different understanding of what it means to be alive). William Gibson's 1984 novel "Neuromancer" provides an intriguing look into a world dominated by computers, a place where individuals who are proficient in operating them are capable of virtually everything that a typical hacker would dream about doing. Case, the novel's protagonist, is a troubled young man who feels that it is pointless to try and be 'normal' and that hacking is one of the

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