Being a Human in the Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, humans are created by the World State. Also they are conditioned human souls to have a synthetic, dream-like life. In the World State, people are happy. Almost everything is thought of for the World State citizens, and people perform their duties with no complaint since they are designed to fit their job and their social status. From birth or hatching, till they become active in society, all citizens goes through psychological and chemical processing, where many follow the beliefs provided by the World State controllers. Even though the World State citizens are driven to obey their instinctual feelings, which are enforced by the state controllers, people are still cannot escape by their natural human instincts since science is not enough to control the complete society. In this society children are thought to believe and feel whatever the government wants them to believe. In Chapter two begins in Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Room where the Director of Hatching Centre explains to the student about process of children conditioned stimulus. Infants instinctually condition to dislike books, and flowers by getting electric shock after they seen them. The Director of Hatching Center is clearly indicating that feelings are controlled by the conditioning center by using “sleep-teaching” and “hypnopædia” technique (Huxley 25). Another method of controlling human emotions is to give them drug called “Soma”(55). Soma keeps everybody in line for the
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