Being a Slave in Today's World

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A recent report by Australia's Walk Free Foundation estimated that 29.8 million people are in slavery today; of these there is still 60,000 Americans in some type of slavery. A slave is a person held in a state of subjection to an owner or master. Because slavery is abolished in all but a few countries many people believe it is no longer a problem, but slavery is still a big issue that people need to more proactive about. Slavery has a long history dating back to sometime around 3500 BC.In Mesopatamia they were the lowest class of civilization formed by Sumerians. Slavery also existed in Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Persia and other countries in the Middle East. Slavery reached its height during the time of the great empires of Rome and Greece. Slaves were treated differently depending on their occupation. Slaves who worked on plantations or in mines were often treated harshly and slaves working in a household were usually treated as well as any other family member. Manumission was guaranteed by most owners as a reward for good service. When the Roman Empire fell slave trade fell with it. In Europe slavery slowly turned into serfdom; however during the war for control of the Holy Land slavery continued with prisoners of war. This was also when many europeans got their first taste of sugar and when they returned they caused a demand for it. Italian merchants made plantations to take advantage of this demand. They used Russian slaves for work on these plantations and in the
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