Being a Teenage Mother Essay

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It was a beautiful afternoon on the bay of Huntington Beach. Just what would be expected of any regular day in California. The sun was shining inexplicably, as if it knew what was coming, the sky was clear with one cloud across the horizon, the sand was boiling and I could literally feel the bottom of my foot melting away. The air was scented with the sweetness of spring and refreshed by gentle breezes. There are families everywhere I look, playing endlessly with their kids, throwing beach balls around, tanning their bodies until it turns to ebony, walking their precious dogs, and riding their bicycles until their muscles deteriorated. The beach is adult’s playground.
She appeared, emerged, surfaced, arrived fashionably late flaunting,
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Obviously, she was a teenage mother who went through difficult times. “Being a teenage mother is the single most difficult thing I have ever gone through. Having my daughter at the age of seventeen was frightening. My world was altered from a world of dates, parties, sleepovers and waiting for a Saturday so you can sleep late, to the world of diapers, baby formulas, bills, doctors, appointments, and day care.
Amanda is head strong, independent, courageous, and once she has made up her mind, little can be done to convince her otherwise. Through all of the obstacles that the world has put her way, and all the situations life has brought her, Amanda still knows that all the decisions she took may not have been the best. However, she learned from her mistakes to make better judgements. “I regret things that I didn’t do in my life more than things that I have done. The things that I have done in my life that I should regret are the things I learned from, which at the end of it all, are what make me stronger. Without these mistakes I would have never learned, and I would have never been mature enough to take care of my beautiful kids. So for me, I try not to regret anything that I’ve done. I accept what was, cherish what is, and hope for a future that is filled with promise in the things to come”. In the background Harmony and Adam
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