Bejeweled Inc Expansion; Cmgt 410/Project Planning

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Bejeweled Inc Expansion Tim Barker Jonathan W. Brown Cecilia Martinez Ruthann McKenzie University of Phoenix CMGT 410/Project Planning & Implementation Dr. Terance Carlson Background Bejeweled Inc is a well known jewelry store which has locations in Florida, Georgia, and New York. Bejeweled Inc in addition to their stores also provides the jewelry to a few local jewelry stores in the New York area. Brian Leach Owner of Bejeweled Inc opened his first store in February 1995. The first store to open was the store located in Atlanta Georgia, within two years he opened another in Savannah Georgia and another in Brunswick six months later. In In June 2000 Brian opened up two stores in Miami and in March 2008…show more content…
| 3 | Registers do not have user accounts on them | Employees | Sign in sheet | Medium | Medium | Medium | Recommend that registers be linked to server for Authentication. | 4 | Only one Server present no bckup svr; server 6 years old.Tape backups monthly | Buffer Overflow/Hackers/System Crash/Environment | Backup on tape Monthly | High | High | High | Recommend there be at least 2 servers 1 for exchange services and 1 for application services then implement a backup server for each or one server with partitioned drives. Recommend doing Weekly, monthly and incremental back-ups | 5 | No contingency plan | Environment/ Disaster recovery | none | High | High | Medium | Develop and test a disaster recovery plan. | Mission Goals of Projects Bejeweled Inc has expanded tremendously of the last few years. Their product is in high demand and since it has expanded fast little to no improvement and in fact still heavily rely on phone and fax to share information. They do have internet; however don’t like to share proprietary information via this way due to no existing security measures in place. The goal is to intertwine the communication between all locations for the company Bejeweled Inc. The goal of this upgrade and expansion is expand Bejeweled Inc across the nation virtually via the E-commerce and provide them with the necessary tools to support the

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