Bel Brand Case Study

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Course Title: MBA, Executive Leadership
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Assignment Title: Individual Case Study
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Bel Brand: The Laughing Cow Challenge

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1.Introduction 4
2.SWOT Analysis 6 2.1 Analysis of Strengths 7 2.2 Analysis of Weaknesses 8 2.3 Analysis of Opportunities 9 2.4 Analysis of Threats 10
3.Positioning Strategies 11 3.1 Strategy A 11 3.2 Strategy B 12 3.3 Strategy C 13
4.Recommendation 15
5. Bibliography 16

1. Introduction
“To bring smiles to families everywhere through the pleasure if its products made with dairy
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In fact Bel is a pioneer of modern brand marketing.
Healthy and high quality product: Fromageries Bel specialise in high-quality, brand-name cheeses. The Laughing Cow cheese has a unique texture and taste and also comes in individually wrapped portions. This makes it easier for consumers to control the amount that they eat and as The Laughing Cow is full of dairy goodness and only has 1 gram of carbohydrate per portion, they can feel good about eating a healthy product.
Innovation: Bel has launched nearly 80 new products and constantly strives to meet consumer expectations. One of the keys to Bel’s success is its impressive portfolio of brands and most of the products sold in the United States are manufactured in its two facilities there.
Positive image of French food: French food has an image of being high-quality, tasty and nutritious. As The Laughing Cow is a French product, it capitalises on France’s cultural image and there is even a feeling among Bel executives that this is a key asset of the brand.
Strong core values: The core values that are reflected in Bel’s corporate philosophy are ethics, innovation, enthusiasm, competence and cohesion. It is evident from the company history that Bel sticks to these values and that each of these has always been close to the development of the company and hence the success of
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