Belbin Model Case Study

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FRANK OLUFOLABI FAYINTO ASSESSMENT ONE MGT/4621 PAUL GRISERI Question 2 Using Belbin’s Model, the aim is to bring together a team that complements each other, maximise their strength and manage their weakness. The team will learn to relate to each other, have high performance and working relationship. Belbin’s theory states that every team member possesses unique behaviour which might affect the performance of the project as a whole. The marine industry is one with people from diverse demography, experience, lifestyle and culture. Understanding each team member is sacrosanct. Identifying the personalities of the individuals reveals the team member behaviour which will aid accordingly placing them in roles where they will function…show more content…
The purpose of Matrix structure is dual power, however the absence of balance or common ground will lead to power tussle and ambiguity in roles. Because of the dual command chain, Matrix doubles management cost. Matrix Structure causes an “everybody and nobody” syndrome where ultimately, no one is held responsible for results. This distorts decision-making process. Question 7 Organisational Culture is defined as basic assumptions developed by a group of people in an organisation as it copes with its external and internal integration, that has proven valid and is therefore passed on to new members as the best way to think and feel about problems faced. These shared assumptions or values have a strong influence on the people in the organisation and maintains a unique culture that provides boundaries and guides for the behaviour of the members. In my organisation, the culture is an efficient operation, integrated into our safety and environmental policy. Operations are conducted in the safest manner with due regard to the operating environment by avoiding any unsafe practice. Employees of the organization judge the level of value attached to characteristics of the culture and consequently adjust their behaviour to match the sets of value. The Marine Industry has its unique culture, and it comprises of the following
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