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Belbins theory suggests that in any co-operating business there is always a large team of people who are involved in the businesses success to the present and to the future. They are people who have certain jobs that they have to do, and their jobs are described by these names. A plant, co-ordinator, monitor evaluator, implementer, completer, resource investigator, shaper, team worker, and finally a specialist. These people co-operate as a team to be as successful as possible in their business, they do not only contribute as a team to achieve to be successful, but they also have done this so it makes it easy for everyone how takes part in the business. Now I will through each of these team role people:

Is a creative
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This is disciplined and very reliable and also has to be conservative and efficient. He usually has to think how to turn important issues into practical actions. In TESCO he would be the person responsible of the finance of their business. The disadvantages would be that the person would be counted as inflexible and slow to respond to new possibilities.

Completer Finisher
This person would be required to help in painstaking conscientious and anxious moments. He is required to search the errors and emissions or to deliver on time. In TESCO the team role person would be called the trouble shoots. The team workers main problem would be he is inclined to worry unduly, and also he is usually reluctant to delegate.

Resource Investigator
This team worker simply has to be extrovert enthusiastic communicative so he can explore opportunities so this way he can develop contacts. In TESCO this person simply would be the team worker responsible of the market research. His problems in his job would be that he will be seen as over optimistic, and will often loss interest once the initial enthusiasm has passed.

This team role person has to be challenging and also dynamic at the same time. At all times the team member thrives on pressure, these are the skills required to overcome obstacles. In TESCO this team member would be the design team instructing how to overcome these obstacles. But this team
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