Belfast And Belfast Visitor Guide

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According to uniquely Northern Ireland (2008), and Belfast visitor guide (2011), Belfast is the capital and the largest city of the Northern Ireland. The climate is mild as a result of Atlantic Ocean breezes and the Gulf Stream, with comfortable summers and temperate winters, snow is uncommon, and however rainfall is heavy. Belfast has warmth and hospitality quite unlike anywhere else. Belfast is situated at the mouth of the River Lagan on the borders of County Antrim and down in the province of Ulster the city could be divided into quarters which each of them have a story to narrate to the visitors or the habitant. The quarters are City Centre, the Cathedral quarter, Queen’s quarter and Beyond the City Centre. Belfast is an adventurous…show more content…
Belfast has about 12 different lines of express coach, bus and Rail network, they all pass through the centre of the city but they all go to different destination, so getting around Belfast couldn’t be easier with lots of transport options. This is an important fact to attract more tourism, so when they coming to a city they are able to travel easily with different types of transport that they can use. The topography of Belfast is lot of building, road, green land and the River Lagan. Natural Feature: Belfast as many natural features in their country I choose Lagan Meadows and Cave hill Park. According to, Lagan Meadows is situated in south Belfast alongside the River Lagan is a 120-acre park set aside for wildlife and public recreation. The woodlands, meadows and wetlands are home to a variety of wildflowers, birds, butterflies and other animals. The central region is managed as a nature reserve in conjunction with the Ulster Wildlife Trust. A path through Lagan Meadows joins with the Lagan Towpath to provide a varied and interesting walk. The park also hosts regular events, organised by Lagan Valley Regional Park and the Ulster Wildlife Trust. This natural feature will be visited by different types of tourist. A
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