Belgian Congo vs. Holocaust

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The atrocities of the Belgian Congo and the Holocaust are two of the main events in history that have been responsible for the mass murdering of millions of people. Although these events significantly changed the course of humanity, and the story behind each one is very different, there are significant factors that make them alike as well as different. Many would agree that comparing two atrocities that affected the lives of so many people and gave a 180-degree turn to each of their countries would be something very difficult to achieve. However, by comparing the behavior of both the perpetrators and the victims of both cases we might be able to further understand the lack of morality and the inspiration that led to these awful events.…show more content…
This allowed several years of massacre. However, eventually the number of Nazis running concentration camps diminished, as they needed manpower fighting the war. This is further explained in “The Drowned and the Saved”, “The Nazism of the final years could not do without these external auxiliaries, determined as it was to maintain its order within subjugated Europe and feed the front lines of the war, bled white by their opponents' growing military resistance.” (Levi pg.42) This weakening in their system allowed for the Holocaust to end and liberate the Jews from the occupied Europe. This began the process of the creation of the state of Israel, where the Jews could find refuge. This gave them a process of healing and allowed them to rebuild the Jewish community. The set of events for the Belgian Congo was not similar in any way. The ivory company, which exported ivory to Belgium and the rest of Europe leaded by King Leopold of Belgium, was the responsible for the atrocities committed in Congo during the 1880’s. Another key factor that differentiates these cases is the aftermath of the atrocities, and how the Holocaust was able to utilize the Nuremberg Trials as the first step in achieving justice. In the Belgian Congo atrocities, Belgium slowly deleted history and refused to take responsibility. In Heart of Darkness we can find the lack of justice at the very end of the book when Charles
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