Belgian Malinois Are Extremely Good Working Dogs

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dogs are great working dogs, but sadly this breed has a lot of issues, both mentally and physically. (21 & 22)
Belgian Malinois are extremely good working dogs. This breed is not as well-known as the German Shepherd, but it definitely competes with the German Shepherd in how all around outstand the breed is. The main issue in this breed is the fact that it is too eager to work. It’s eagerness is so great that it often becomes sloppy in its work.

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Correct temperament is essential to a good working Malinois. Malinois are a confident breed showing neither shyness nor aggressiveness in new situations. The dog may not like new people, but Malinois are affectionate with their owner and family. The breed is naturally protective of its owner and their property. The Malinois has a strong desire to work and is quick to respond to commands.(25)
Malinois are fast and have a good, strong bite, and it is quite easy to motivate them in bite work. Malinois also are both mentally and physically strong dogs. When the dog has a bad experience often encouragement from their owner will bring them back to working hard again. (25)
Until 1839 Belgium was part of Holland, so originally the Dutch Shepherd was related to the Belgian Shepherd dogs and also to the German Shepherd. The Dutch Shepherd was originally used as a sheep dog, the dog would protect and herd the sheep. This enabled the breed to do other tasks, some of them being police dogs and protection dogs. (25 & 26)
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