Belgium : A Small Country Just West Of France

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Belgium is a small country just west of France with a membership to the EU since its beginning. The Physiography of Belgium is very much the same throughout its 1,385 km of land, consisting mainly of flat lowlands with a coastal plain in the northwest of it just touching the North Sea, though there is a series of wooden plateaus called the Ardennes covering the Belgian regions of Luxembourg, Namur, and Liège. The land has a Temperate Midlatitude/ Marine West Coast climate, which means that it has warm, moist summers and cool (but not cold winters). The culture of Belgium has a strong tradition of fine food, the most famous being waffles (popular as a meal and/or snack) and moules frites (mussels with French fries), as well as some famous chocolatiers and light alcoholic beverages. Belgium’s rich heritage allows for festivals that focus on the history of the region and its culture, such as the “dragon” battle in the town of Mons and the Procession of the Holy Blood, where there is a modern continuation of medieval times. However, there are flaws within this small nation. Having one of the densest populations in Europe, there are sure to be quite a population of immigrants within its borders (10.4% in 2013). But, not many Belgium employers are willing to do much with these foreigners. In 2013, the unemployment rate in the country was only 8%, but it was 18.2% for foreign-born residents. Likewise, the employment rate of natives aged 20-64 was 67.6%, but only 40.4% for
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