Belgium : Location, Size, And Extent

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Belgium is a country situated in northwest Europe, and covers an areas approximately the same as state of Maryland. It is bordered by Netherlands to its North, Luxembourg, and Germany to the east, France to the south, France to the south and southwest and to the northwest, it is bordered by the North Sea. It was colonized by Netherlands and that is why Dutch is widely spoken in the country. It has a total boundary length of about 1385 kilometers. The capital city of Belgium id Brussels and is located to the north-central part of the country.
TOPOGRAPHY AND CLIMATE The coastal region of Belgium extends for about 16-48 inland is made up of flat pasture land, sand dunes, and polders and achieve a maximum of 15m above sea level. To the east of this region are gently rolling central plain. The fertile valleys of the plain are used for agriculture. The valleys are irrigated by use of canals and waterways. The altitude in this region ranges between 60 and 180 meters. The Ardennes are heavily wooded plateau and extends to France. The county highest point is Signal de Botrange, which stands at 694 meters. The chief rivers of the country, Meuse and Schelde originate from France, flow through Belgium and empty their waters into North Sea.
The coastal region climate is mild and humid. However the temperatures remarkably changes as one advances inland. Hot summers alternate with cold winters in the high southeast districts. Only the highland experience

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