Belief Systems: Islam and Buddhism

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Throughout history, the spread of belief systems has influenced regions socially, economically, and politically. Some of these belief systems were Islam and Buddhism. Islam and Buddhism spread and influenced regions socially economically, and politically. Islam was spread to many regions like Spain, Africa and the Songhai empire. As well as being spread it was also influenced socially, economically, and politically. Islam was spread to African societies. In document 1, it states that, Islam was spread to African societies by opening routes and exposing isolated societies to external influences by merchants. In document 3, it states the Askia Mohammed remodeled his empire along Islamic lines as possible. Their new followers converted because they liked Muslim culture. They believed in Allah, their God, and honor Mohammed teachings. Many converted because they liked how they Gov’t was run. Mohammed followers spread Islam beyond the Arab world. Islam influenced society, economically, and politically on other regions. In document 1, it states, Muslim men of religion were peacemakers, who pleaded for those who broke the Kings law. According to document 2, Muslims spread the love of art beyond learning. In Spain, Muslims Muslims influence the Spaniards socially. Document 3 states, that legal and social reforms were introduced by judges were appointed in all large districts of the empire. The court of Askia Mohammed was the highest court of the land to which appeals from lower
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