Belief in a Higher Power and Greek Philosophers

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In my eyes I do believe in such a thing, I believe that Socrates does as well. When reading Euthyphro there are many components to why Socrates believes in the gods. When reading the Apology there are many reasons to why Socrates believes in the gods as well. Finally when reading Crito there are also numerous reasons to why Socrates believes in the gods also. There are many reasons to prove that Socrates does believe in the gods. The discussion in the piece Euthyphro is about pious and impious. Euthyphro a man who says to have the knowledge of the divine is unsure what to do about prosecuting against his own father. Turning to Socrates for help, the discussion about pious and impious begins. Socrates does not necessarily have a side in the situations, but he is impressed by Euthyphro’s knowledge. Socrates tends to guide Euthyphro throughout this debacle by helping him to see what he truly believes. The first question Socrates asks Euthyphro is “Tell me then, what is the pious, and what the impious, do you say?” (6). Answer number one was, “I say that the pious is to do what I am doing now, to prosecute the wrongdoer,” (6). After the tragic story about Cronus, Socrates begins to think, “I find it hard to accept things like that being said about the gods,” (7) I feel that the fact that Socrates thinks so highly of the gods, makes him believe in them. If someone does not believe in something or someone…
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