Beliefs, Morals and Values Application Essay

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Beliefs, Morals and Values Application
According to Webster’s II New College Dictionary a belief is the mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in a person or thing and mental acceptance of or conviction in the truth or actuality of something (1995). A belief consists of anything believed by conviction or faith; a belief can be something accepted as true (Weber, 2002). Beliefs are convictions; trust or confidence placed in a person or thing (Encarta, 1999). A belief is something you believe in deeply. When questioned as to why you hold those beliefs you might not be able to give a detailed reason as to why, only that for some unknown reason you feel strongly regarding those
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To treat another person as if he or she were yourself: to do the good things to him you would like done to you; and to not do the bad things you would not like to done to you. Therefore you would not steal from him, and you would try to help him if he needed help. Morals are standards of right and wrong as they relate to behavior (Encarta, 1999).
To answer the question of man’s inherent evilness or goodness is to assume that one believes that man is one or the other. In the article, “Good and Evil, The Nature of the Soul,” author Laura Aversano describes man’s relationship with good and evil this way:
The soul stemming from stillness, creates a unified relationship between good and evil at its essential core and understanding from the way that God intended. As the collective and personal soul unfolds into various levels, good and evil takes on its own form within the various levels of understanding. Good and evil become personified from ego levels and spiritual levels and their forms become integrated into spiritual and human realities simply so that we can learn from them, become greater human and spiritual beings, and allow them to come back into balance to the highest degree possible under God without any interference from our human and spiritual attachments and attainments. Thus, the concepts of good and evil are there for our understanding, as is the soul. Under spiritual laws, they will

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