Beliefs and Actions of the Late Medieval Church Essay

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The period, 1300 to 1500 was the time period of the crisis in Christianity. In the Medieval church, there were issues with the papacy, clergy and Christian followers. Obviously, this crisis led European Christianity to weaken and even risk the danger of everything falling apart. In fact, the crisis began from one cause, wealth over faith and smaller (more specific) problems revolved around the one common problem. In the late medieval period, there was one big factor causing all the troubles between the church and the society, money. The popes were using the money to decorate the church. They hired architect and painters to renovate the church. They had wealth and they used the wealth in order to satisfy their needs. By the time the…show more content…
Moreover, the citizens and the Christians weren’t the only ones who felt that the papacy was a disaster. The government also had problems. In fact, anyone who could’ve used the money spent on the churches had issues regarding these actions of popes. Once, these people got their hands on the matter, they responded negatively. Towards the end of the Late Medieval period, Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation. With the proclamation, he started building new churches and decorating them. This reformation was number one factor that ended the unity of the Western Church. To secular rules, reformation was a chance to expand their wealth, however, it was also influencing the church, dividing it into North Protestant and South Catholic groups. The people were frustrated of the fact that all the money was used on the churches. Surely, they also had belief related matters, but what concerned them the most was the fact that all these precious money was used on holy – spiritual places. The money is all from the people. The people believed the God and Christianity through their minds and hearts. However, this did the popes no good. The popes felt that the real activities and physical practices would earn them profit. At the time, all Christians were afraid of purgatory, the cleaning of the body before going to heaven. This fear increased the use of indulgences and acts to help the family members and themselves get out Purgatory. Also, as people
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