Beliefs and Ideals of Democrats and Republicans

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Decisions and Actions Democratic-Republican Party's Beliefs and Ideals Federalist Party's Beliefs and Ideals Initiated the first Barbary War Aligned most with the Federalists party because it was a display of national power. They were terrified of a strong national government. They were strong believers of a central government Bought the Louisiana Purchase Aligned most with the Federalist party because they believed in expanding national power by expanding their territory and property. They understood the Constitution as being an essential document to limit the powers of the federal government. They believed that listening to the citizens would make for a weak government system. Initiated the Lewis and Clark Expedition Aligned most with the Democratic-Republican party because it was in the best interest of the people who would be settling there. It also provided insight into the agricultural possibilities in that part of the nation. They believed that the United States economy should have been based on agriculture. They thought that the government's main purpose was to provide order. Signed the Military Peace Establishment Act Aligned more with the Federalist party because it established a military presence in the United States, which is what their party believed in. The party believed in the right to vote for all White men, even if they were not property owners. They thought that the elite would be the best qualified to run the government. Established West
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