Belize: British Honduras

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Belize: British Honduras
(Introduction Paragraph) Thesis: Belize is a young country with a deep Mayan culture, as well as a diverse geography that promotes its large tourism industry.
Belize is a very young country only gaining independence from the British and Guatemala in 1981. Guatemala still doesn't agree with the independence of Belize and doesn’t recognize it as an independent country. Before this though there was the The Mayan Empire. The Mayan Empire was established in 1500 BC and thrived until the 10th century where it eventually collapsed. When the Europeans arrived in this area, shortly after the Spanish, much other the Mayan Empire was gone (Maps Of World). The Spanish and the British soon became angry with each other and disputes over land eventually lead to war. This war was won by the British and this is when the colony of British Honduras was born. British Honduras was later renamed to Belize in 1973 and gained full independence in 1981. “Since then has faced various political unrest, as well as neighboring Guatemala's proclamation of ownership over the Belize as part of Guatemala” (Maps Of World). Due to these problems Belize isn’t very developed. Belize has a population of 340,844 people (July 2014 est., C.I.A.). Only 164,200 people have mobile devices (2012, C.I.A.), and only 36,000 people use the internet (2009, C.I.A.). Which is equivalent to about one third of the population has a mobile phone, and about one tenth of the population has
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