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WRENCH LLC. v. TACO BELL CORP. Doctrine of implied in fact contract: This consists of obligations arising from a mutual agreement and intent to promise where the agreement and promise have not been expressed in words. Such contracts are implied from facts and circumstances showing a mutual intent to contract, and may arise by the conduct of the parties. In this case Taco Bell had stolen the idea of Thomas Rinks and Joseph Shields and gave them the idea that Taco Bell will be hiring them for doing their work or suitably compensating them. Since Taco Bell did not do anything like that Taco Bell appealed on several grounds, including that Wrench did not prove the existence of an implied in fact contract and that even if it did, Wrench’s…show more content…
It transports raw sugar to its refinery in Crockett, California. After C&H was notified by its normal shipper that it would be withdrawing its services as of January 1981. C&H commissioned the design of a large hybrid vessel--a tug of a catamaran design consisting of a barge attached to the tug. After substantial negotiations, C&H contracted with Sun Ship, Inc. (Sun Ship), a Pennsylvania corporation, to build the vessel for $25,405,000. The contract, which was signed in the fall of 1979, provided a delivery date of June 30, 1981. The contract also contained a liquidated damage clause calling for a payment of $17,000 per day for each day that the vessel was not delivered to C&H after June 30, 1981. SunShip did not complete the vessel until March 16, 1982. The vessel was commissioned in mid-July 1982 and christened the Moku Pahu. During the 1981 season, C&H was able to find other means of shipping the crop from Hawaii to its California refinery. Evidence established that actual damages suffered by C&H because of the no availability of the vessel from Sun Ship were $368,000. When Sun Ship refused to pay the liquidated damages, C&H filed suit to require $4,413,000 in liquidated damages under the contract. The district court entered judgment in favor of C&H and awarded the corporation $4,413,000 plus interest. Liquidated damages are very necessary in
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